The First: I read a blog post about what is he want actually

Today, the first day I will write a blog post in English. I am not familiar with English grammer for now. İnşallah one day it will be happen. And I know i will write some wrong words or I will use a wrong sentence but I don’t care becasuse I try. This is for me not for you.

Whatever, I read a blogpost about travel guy. He wants visit every country but I think he doesn’t sure about it. He also a content creator. He have a instagram account. You can look at it.

By the way I know, I use the short sentences becasuse long sentences are so diffucult for i make a sentence. He talked about bussines and pleasure. I learnt pleasure word in today. It’s mean if you are doing something and you love it an like it then it is a thing of pleasure. So It’s my first  day about write someting in English so I love it and I hope I keep it up for after these days.

Have a great night and see you.

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