Hello, I’m Burak. I’m a content creator and digital strategist.

💻 Although I currently work as a Digital Strategist, I have been involved in various roles throughout my career, including designer, video editor, writer, interface coder, 3D modeler, content creator, and engineer.

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For the podcast I’ve prepared about content creators, you can check out Kreatif Durak, for the ones discussing technology-based content, there’s Yerine Alanlar, for travel and country information, we have Voyager Buddies and for prominent figures in their fields, there’s Kariyer Sohbetleri.

🧰 Online Courses
You can enhance your skills in visual editing with my Photoshop Course prepared on Udemy, and improve your video editing skills with the Premiere Pro Course.
📚 Notes From My Readings
You can access my notes and summaries extracted from the books and articles I’ve read from here.

Recent Notes

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My portfolios in all the fields I work in.

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